Let ACEL be your single point of access to the best and most versatile lending resources in the industry. No shopping. No chasing. Just one application brings your customer the full spectrum of equipment finance. (Read on to find out how the one application can be yours).


ACEL  Your Single Point of Access to the best lending resources in the industry.


The ACEL Advantage Program


Our philosophy for serving our vendor partners is simple and uniquely different than that of any traditional leasing company:


We get involved at the very beginning of every sales opportunity. In doing so, we can commit the time, hard work and expertise necessary to help our vendor partner close more sales.


By getting involved early, before the equipment sale is closed, we can:


        Get the customer to think about his purchase in monthly or even hourly terms instead of trying to justify the total equipment cost.

        Save the vendor precious time and effort by pre approving customers for financing.

        Commit the customer to the vendor by approving them only for the vendorís equipment.

        Gather and relay to the vendorís sales rep and sales management valuable information regarding the customer and his buying intentions.

        Allow the vendor to be in control of the whole deal: both equipment and finance.



We understand that getting involved early presents us with responsibilities that other leasing companies can't and wonít accept. We welcome those responsibilities because they give us the opportunity to deliver the extraordinary level of service that stands us apart from the others.


Simply put, we make more phone calls, provide more information, fight harder and work longer to approve every referred transaction.

ACEL Vendor Programs are available in two varieties:

  • Referral - Great service for you and your customers under the ACEL name.
  • Private Label - Your own finance division managed by experienced ACEL account executives. Your own application to be used for only your equipment.

To learn more about our innovative vendor programs:


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